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Awards & Funding


Total Funding: $6,511,634

Communicating Across the Researcher Practitioner Divide. CO-PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (with Bevlee Watford), (2019), National Science Foundation, NSF-1911331. Total Award: $49,890. Abstract

Collaborative Research: Impact of the Emerging Engineering Education Research and Innovation Community. CO-PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (with Ann McKenna, Karl Smith, Donna Riley, Audeen Fentimen), (2017-2019), National Science Foundation, NSF-1736493, Total Award: $300,000. Abstract

Collaborative Research: Mixed reality to enable authentic design and construction engineering learning experiences, CO-PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (with Steven Ayer, Wei Wu), (2017-2020), National Science Foundation, IIS-1735878, Total Award: $550,000. Abstract

Project-based Learning as a Mechanism for Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset in an Undergraduate Engineering Statistics Course, PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR, Kern Family Foundation/ASU, Total Award: $9,957

Collaborative Research: Pushing Students Away: Developing a Research Agenda for Broadening Participation of African Americans in Engineering and Computer Science, PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (with Walter Lee and Bevlee Watford), National Science Foundation, BPE-1647281, Total Collaborative Award: $571,155 | Abstract

Collaborative Research: Workshops to Develop a Community-Informed Framework Characterizing the Impact of Engineering Education R&D, PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (with Maura Borrego), National Science Foundation, EEC-1564629, Total Collaborative Award: $177,000. | Abstract


Best Teaching Paper Award, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Division, American Society for Engineering Education, 2017

Best Overall Paper Award, Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference, Victoria, Australia, 2015